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About your sleep coach

Gitte Winter is an international bestselling author of several books with child meditations. She is an international speaker, TEDx speaker, and teaches workshops about meditation for children.

To bring more mindfulness, yoga, and meditation to the schools and kindergartens she has recently founded the Momo Academy.  

At her home in Denmark she shares her magic with her two daughters, who have become her greatest teacher. Gitte always reminds parents to always parent ourselves first, before we parent our children.

She is now changing bedtime routines the world over. In 2019 she was awarded as one of the “Top ten healers” in the world by the Energy Healing Magazine for her work to help children thrive. 


Who is it for?

The primary group of children who hear the stories are between 3-11 years old. However, as the book helps parents feel into their love and open their hearts for their children, it also helps pregnant woman and parents of infants destress and. Meditation with Gitte Winter’s books at bedtime helps many children sleep faster, longer and better. This way of creating a loving bedtime has helped many children reduce stress and anxiety. It helps parents create a stronger bond of love in the family and improves the children’s self confidence, selv love and self-efficacy.

Happy parents who now love bedtime

My daughter suffers bad anxiety and had problems going to bed and staying in bed never mind sleeping. After reading the first part of the book she went to bed and had her normal 5 mins and then was sleeping. The second day we done the first part again and again she slept but slept all night with no nightmares!! Have been reading it for a week now and i can honestly say this book has worked wonders with my little one. She asks for it every night.



A lovely collection of beautiful stories to share with your children together. If we start today and make an effort to educate our children about the workings of our mind, heart and emotions, they will see a different, peaceful, more compassionate world. Room for Reflection are truly inspiring. Every home should have a copy.


Bought on a whim, but really glad I did. I have read the first story 3 times to my son, and he is always fast asleep by the end. He’s also calmer just before story time. I’m going to try it when he is next anxious- im hoping we can (both) learn some tools to help when we are feeling stressed. a great way to introduce meditation to kids.