Having lived in seven different countries I have become quite an expert in home sickness. Today, I also know the feeling of missing my husband and children when I am away from them. It is such a wild force and quite intangible.

As an adult, I have understood that missing only occurs when we love. And I have come to understand that love is energy, and energy can travel.

Many parents have to leave their children for many reasons for longer and shorter periods, and missing our parents is a natural part of many children’s lives. There is nothing wrong with missing out, but it can hurt – and when it hurts we can find comfort in our love and heart energy. In this video I talk more about how we can teach our children to connect in energy, when they miss someone they love by using the third meditation in The Children’s Meditations in my Heart. Teach your child about The little love cloud.



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Also watch this interview Dr. Andrea Pennington did with me on what it means to miss a parent, what living in 7 different countries has taught me and how it has influenced the way I teach today.

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