I am about to share the secret with you

In this course I will teach you the method that helped my children fall asleep within minutes

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The three top benefits!

These are the three main benefits most parents tell me about, after I help them help their kids to sleep with my bedtime course:


1. Happier healthier children

We all want our children to thrive. Getting a good night’s sleep will help you child immensely. In one of the lessons I talk about the health benefits of sleep and discuss why sleep is so crucial for our children. 


2. More time for you

Let’s be honest. Being a parent is so exhausting at times. Bedtime struggles can drive us nuts! Crack the code with me and get more time for you. Spend time with those you love the most or enjoy a quiet evening. 

3. Less conflict

The method you learn will also create a strong family bond. You will soon see that a loving bedtime routine will have an impact on so many other things. Now you can create that strong family bond we all long for.


 Lifetime access — learn anywhere, anytime — 30 day 100% money-back guarantee.(?)

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Just the book! 


What you get in the bedtime course?


You can look forward to receiving 4 proven meditation bedtime stories + my bedtime course with all my best practises on how to get started and make sure you experience the most loving bedtime with your child. 

On top of that, you get a lifetime access on all digital content so you can learn anywhere, anytime

and our 30 day 100% money-back guarantee.*



Bedtime course content in detail

These are the 11 chapters of the full course:

  1. Introduction (12 minutes)
  2. Why sleep is so important? (20 minutes)
  3. The big sleep secret (20 minutes)
  4. The first meditation: I fill my heart with love (30 minutes)
  5. The second meditation: From my heart I send love (11 minutes)
  6. The third meditation: My cloud is full of love (20 minutes)
  7. The fourth meditation: With the universe, I share my love (8 minutes)
  8. The science of a strong heart connection (55 minutes)
  9.  Your energy as a parent (7 minutes)
  10. Let’s get creative (13 minutes)
  11. More energy work?

The E-book is included! As part of the course you get my e-book The Children’s Meditations in my Heart. You also have the option to upgrade to get the meditations in a paperback or hardcopy, so you don’t need to print your e-book or bring a device into the bedroom of your child. You can easily get started with the e-book, and then when you see the magic of the method, most parents choose to upgrade to the printed books.


Who is coaching you? 

Gitte Winter is an international bestselling author of several books with child meditations. She is an international speaker, TEDx speaker, and teaches workshops about meditation for children. 

To bring more mindfulness, yoga, and meditation to the schools and kindergartens she has recently founded the Momo Academy, an online platform and community, you will also join when you sign up for the masterclass. 

At her home in Denmark she shares her magic with her two daughters, who have become her greatest teacher. Gitte always reminds parents to always parent ourselves first, before we parent our children. 

She is now changing bedtime routines the world over. In 2019 she was awarded as one of the “Top ten healers” in the world by the Energy Healing Magazine for her work to help children thrive. 


Who is it for?

The primary group of children who hear the stories are between 3-11 years old. However, as the book helps parents feel into their love and open their hearts for their children, it also helps pregnant woman and parents of infants destress and.

It also helps teenagers fall asleep, reconnect to their parents and understand the power of self loving. You don’t need any experience with meditation yourself to get started. Often we see the children end up teaching their parents how to be more mindful and more present.

Happy parents who now love bedtime

“This book is not just a book. It is life inspiring choice that I feel every child should be given a chance to see. I am a mum of two beautiful girls the oldest is three. It is now that I wish to show her and fill her with the hope and magic of this world. I myself have only began to see the true magic in love in recent years but I want my children, all children to know their true power and value. This book is an amazing tool for that.”



Bought on a whim, but really glad I did. I have read the first story 3 times to my son, and he is always fast asleep by the end. He’s also calmer just before story time. I’m going to try it when he is next anxious- im hoping we can (both) learn some tools to help when we are feeling stressed. a great way to introduce meditation to kids.


“Oh my I’m so touched to hear from you….you are having such a profound effect on so many families …..🌟🌟🌟I’ll share your page as much as I can! 🧘‍♀️💫Our poor babes 😔I’m teaching classes on the incredible power of Essential Oils for Mental Health & to support children with Autism & ADHD…”



My daughter suffers bad anxiety and had problems going to bed and staying in bed never mind sleeping. After reading the first part of the book she went to bed and had her normal 5 mins and then was sleeping. The second day we done the first part again and again she slept but slept all night with no nightmares!! Have been reading it for a week now and i can honestly say this book has worked wonders with my little one. She asks for it every night.