I have a treat for you!

For years I have been teaching parents to help their children connect to their hearts to fall asleep and thrive. I have known about The Heartmath Institute for years and have admired their work. This year I got to meet one of the Danish Heartmath consultants, Birger Norup and also met the former CEO of Heartmath, Bruce Cryer, in France.

As they spoke about heart coherence and what connecting to our hearts means to our well being and health – and to global peace my heart started to pound really quickly. I instinctively knew that these two brilliant lightworkers would be able to explain exactly what happens in our bodies when we are connected to our hearts and in a scientific way also explain – why my book The Children’s Meditations In my Heart is such a powerful tool to help our children grow up with a strong heart connection.

I am SO thrilled to be able to share the first 20 minutes of my in depth interview with Bruce Cryer with you FOR FREE. When you want to hear the rest – I have included the entire interview as a lesson in my Masterclass. 

This is SO important – please enjoy my interview with Bruce Cryer.

I also invite you to watch this video from the Heartmath Institute:

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Hear the rest of the interview with bruce and learn much more about how to teach your child about heart coherence with the four meditations I have written in “The Children’s Meditations in my Heart. Get started tonight. 


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And hear Bruce sing: Bless the children.

The picture in the top of Bruce is from Dr. Andrea Pennington’s GLAE conference 2019, when I met Bruce the first time.